Mondays:       10.15am                   
Tuesdays:      10.15am (Low Impact)
Wednesdays: 6.45pm                          
Thursdays:    10.15am                            
Sundays:        9.15am

Session duration: 45mins

FIT tATAKai is a family friendly fitness class suitable to for all ages and fitness levels.

Sessions start with some basic stretches and warmups and move into a combination of cardio, core, arm & leg exercises that participants can do at their own level and build up at their own pace. There is no minimum fitness level required so you can do as little or as much as you like but the opportunity is there if you wish to push yourself that bit further. Please note, it is recommended that you seek medical advice prior to starting any new exercise program.

The Low Impact classes are similar to the regular classes but all exercises are low impact and therefore easier on joints, backs or most other ailments. These classes are ideal for anyone who has limited movement, recovering from injury or surgery, post-pregnancy or simply easing back into exercise.

Children are welcome to attend and depending on their age can either join in, run around us playing with toys or just sit and watch. We have a secure matted playpen with age appropriate toys for the babies so they can play while mum or dad exercises in the same room.

The cost for these sessions is $5 per session or you can opt to pay $40 per month and attend as many sessions as you like (excluding low impact classes), monthly fees are due on the 1st of every month so if you are joining part way through, a pro-rata fee can be calculated.

Please aim to arrive 5-10mins early so you have enough time to get you and/or your children settled and we can start on time. At you first session, you will be required to complete a basic registration form including emergency contact information.

For more information contact Shianne on 0408 311 772
29 Shepherd Rd. Christies Beach
Adults' class enquiries: Aaron Coole. 0428 282 524
Children's class enquries: Shianne Coole. 0408 311 772