Tatakai Martial Arts Academy
Tatakai Toddlers
Monday 3.45pm to 4.15pm
Monday 4.30pm to 5pm
Friday   11.15am to 11.45am

Training duration is 30 minutes

Tatakai now also offers Toddler classes which are aimed at preschoolers as a pre-entry to more formal martial arts classes.  Tatakai Toddlers is a specialised exercise program teaching personal safety whilst improving coordination and motor skills. The classes are designed to promote martial art skills in a fun environment which toddlers find engaging. Your instructor will take your child on a journey through the use of song and games as they learn to block, punch and kick, improve balance and gain self-control both emotionally and physically.

This class requires caregiver participation to help the children focus and stay engaged. It is important to remember when children of this age are asked to join in they're not always willing, particularly in the beginning and whilst protocols are in place to help encourage children to participate it's advised to let them do so in their own time as this gives them a sense of control and are more likely to join in sooner. If your child wants to watch for a while then please let them do so. It is amazing how much they will absorb from simply watching and being allowed to do so should help them to gain the confidence to actively participate once they feel comfortable and as the classes become more familiar to them.

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